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Q: Are these propellers suitable for Fimi x8 se 2022 version?

perguntado por BG013338163 sobre 2022-04-12 12:10:41

Panxris Absolutely

2022-04-12 12:16:11 Útil (0)
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Q: How is it powered?

perguntado por Panxris sobre 2021-12-29 02:03:25

BG120461615 battery

2022-03-29 09:42:43 Útil (0)
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Panxris Inormally wear a Medium size.I ordered and XL size of this vest ant was perfect.Go 3 sizes above the normal

2022-01-17 03:56:16 Útil (0)
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Panxris It actually warms the front pockets, the upper back, and mostly the neck collar. The heating element is built in you cannot add or remove any

2021-12-06 05:38:56 Útil (0)
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