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agileaardvark Yes it is, since it can measure SWR in the whole frequency range from 23 to 6200 MHz. You can measure SWR and other parameters of all antennas you'll use for FPV, from 2.4GHz radio control link to 5.8GHz VTX or goggle antennas. You'll easily see SWR "dips" in the frequency range and able to pinpoint them using the cursor function. Of course it's no Rohde&Schwarz lab equipment but more than good enough for the tasks you want to perform. :)

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Q: can this drone be used with a tinyhawk 2 freestyle?

perguntado por Chayeldridge sobre 2021-11-19 04:56:28

agileaardvark This transmitter will be able to bind with a Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle, since it supports FrSky D8.

2021-11-20 03:24:07 Útil (1)
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