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Q: really 100mah battery?

perguntado por z3rgraiser sobre 2019-01-01 12:15:06

MechaMouth yes

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Q: ele já está pronto para uso? ou precisa de uma carcaça

perguntado por Durval FLima sobre 2019-09-25 07:24:00

z3rgraiser yo la uso con un pequeño ventilador delante

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z3rgraiser he sido usuario de esa rueda y te aseguro que si le conectas una batería con 10 o 12 Ah notarás la diferencia en rendimiento y autonomía

Richard 24/04/2020
Installation on my tandem took just a couple of hours. I replaced the supplied brake disk with my larger one. I had to fit the speed controller on the left, as there was no room on the right because of my NuVinci gear controller. I had to saw off a small protruding mudguard mount lug to allow the battery to plug in. A quick road test, and the bike still worked – and stopped - OK, and the extra weight at the front wasn’t noticeable in use. The iMortor2 app on my phone immediately detected the system and asked for the password. It’s 6666 as in the picture – not zeroes as in the text! I had a quick solo trial and the motor was working. On a flat road with no pedalling it slowly accelerated from about 7mph to just over 14mph over about 300m. It was still slowly accelerating when I had to stop for the junction. I repeated the test 2-up today after our ride, and this time it only managed to accelerate from about 6mph to just over 9mph. The manual says the max rider weight is 180Kg. Well 180Kg is a pretty fat cyclist, and I think that’s a bad translation and it means the total all-up weight of bike + rider(s) is 180Kg. In that case we’re close to the limit. We set off this morning up a hill and powered up to see the effect. None noticeable. So we won’t be powering up hills with our feet on the handlebars! Later I tried powering against slopes and headwinds. Nothing seems to happen when I turn on the motor, but after a while we find we’re going a bit faster and the pedalling is getting easier. Looks like it should be good to ease the final stages of a ride when you’re tired and the wind’s in your face. Today we cycled 20 miles and used about 75% of the battery, although I didn’t think I used it very much. I expect using full power up hills was the problem because of our overall weight. Well, it does what it does, and is OK for the price. It would work a lot better on a lighter bike. I love gadgets, so I’m happy! 😊
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z3rgraiser@Charles7 yo tengo el modelo anterior y funciona de la siguiente manera: posee 3 velocidades, 5, 15 y 25 km/h que se van activando a medida de alcanzas la velocidad indicada. para eliminar la tracción tan solo has de volver a pulsar el acelerador a fondo y llevarlo al inicio.

marcl3980 10/11/2019
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