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Q: Hello Does the watch and the application support Greek language?

perguntado por evavogiatzi sobre 2020-04-21 01:32:15

tasosgiannoulis80 No Greek firmware update not an official at least. Works perfectly with my phone that uses Greek interface. The battery runs low in a week or so but it depends on the use and the dial you choose. For ... Ver mais

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Q: Is it compatible with Nissan micra model of 2004 ? Thanks you in advance

perguntado por evavogiatzi sobre 2020-09-09 11:29:26

Gaposis It's 7inch universal type player, you can constrast its size with your car raido, some special cars need a special dash kit, canbus box and wiring harness. It is recommended to consult a professional ... Ver mais

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Q: What properties does this product have and what are my benefits from this product?

perguntado por evavogiatzi sobre 2020-06-03 03:09:37

Panagiotis nothing... spam from digoo. they say that you have a chance to win something when you enter a competition in facebook but they don"t tell you wherew to do it... stay away...SPAM

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