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Treblig 2019-11-23 04:35:40
Overall, I'm satisfied with this headlamp however it has a few flaws : 1) I could not fit a protected 18650 cell in the battery compartment, only an unprotected 18650 cell fit (no problem I have piles of unprotected cells), the description should mention that. 2) the positive terminal is flat and does not make contact with the 18650 cell. You will have to bent it yourself which isn't difficult to do. Ver mais
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Treblig 2020-06-07 06:51:58
I have had this unit for a few days only and it has worked flawlessly. I see many comments about this unit being noisy but I have found it rather quiet (of course the air pump is making some noise but not much). Makes me wonder if people actually removed the two screws at the bottom of the unit before switching it on. These screws are ONLY necessary when moving the unit. I checked with a DMM if the Ver mais
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