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Q: What is the DC parameter?

perguntado por TensinHan sobre 2022-06-13 08:40:51

Anett 5,5x2,1mm ?

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Anett 09/04/2022
Bakeey OLED Display NFC-enabled bluetooth V5.0 Audio Transmitter Receiver Wireless 3.5mm Aux/2RCA/Optical Audio Adapter/FM Transmittter Support USB Disk TF Card For TV PC Speaker Car Sould System Home Sound System - This is a very powerful and multifunctional gadget, it can do a lot of things, but also it has some weak points. - One great point is that it has many output posibilities (Aux/ 2RCA/Coaxial/Optical Audio), AUX and RCA2 cables are included in the package, but I missed one thing, RCA output is good, but my TV supports only Euroscart, HDMI and USB inputs, so I cannot use these output possibilities, I need to buy an RCA to Euroscart converter to be able to use the product, it would be gratefull, if RCA to Euroscart converter or an Euroscart cable was included in the package, I cannot use the item without one of this outputs... - Bluetooth and NFC functions are another great possibilities, we can transfer audio related files and streams via this channels from our devices (mobile phones, PCs and FM radio station...) to our TV, and morover we can also transfer audio files from an USB device or from an SD card,because the product has USB and SD ports, so we can connect Pendrives, HDDs, SD and microSD cards to it and the audio files will be playable in the TV, but (and this is a big BUT), we can transfer only audio, video files and streams are not supported, this is another weak point of this product, but for this price this lack is acceptable... the strongest point is that we can make our TV from bluetooth unsupported to bluetooth supported! - Last but not least great point is the remote controller, so we can control this device from our chair and sofa comfortably! - Foam on the Cake that the product has digital display, so we can read the functions and actions from it... Overall: practical, good quality product with an acceptable price, we can use it for many activities. I recommend it for everyone, who has TV without bluetooth support, but with RCA input.
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Q: vcs faz entrega em todo Brasil é?

perguntado por Talita Maria sobre 2019-07-26 10:42:20

Anett Please in English...

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Anett I dont understand it...

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